4-7th June 2015: Mr Fetish Poland 2015 Contest


Much like most West European countries, which organize Mr Fetish Contest in parallel with Mr Leather and Mr Rubber elections, Poland in our opinion also deserves having an event like this, and our club with its experience of hosting the Mr Leather Poland Contest four years running seems to be the right place to start it in. Mr Fetish Contest refers to a wider definition of fetishism and makes it possible for not only leathermen and rubbermen (however for them too) to show up publicly with their secret desires.

All who want to take part in this unprecedented event as candidates to the title are requested to read the Contest regulations, to fill in the application form and submit it to the club's e-mail address with the required photos. 3rd June 2015 is the closing date for applying.


4th June (Thursday)

20.00 PREPARTY. Entrance fee: 10 zł

A multi-fetish warm-up before the hot long weekend. Any kind of fetish gear is welcome, but not obligatory.


5th June (Friday)

20.00 THE ELECTION NIGHT. Entrance fee: 20 zł

The introduction of the candidates to the Mr Fetish Poland 2015 title will take place at about midnight. 1.30 – end of voting in the club. The verdict will be announced at about 2.00. The winner will be presented with the sponsors’ awards. A photo session with the newly elected Mister and other candidates for all who wish. The evening will culminate in common partying under the banner: "FETISHISTS OF ALL OPTIONS – HAVE FUN!"

Łukasz, Mr Leather Poland 2015, will show up in person and add splendour to the event. 

6th June (Saturday)


Our performers will appear on stage in three entries, each in a different fetish climate, at about: 0.00, 1.00, 2.00, gradually increasing the sexual tension. You are advised to stay till the last entry with deep penetration crowned with megaeruption della sborra italiana from Etna and Vesuvius all at once! After the show everyone can have a piece of a moist and tasty roast pork with 2-3 sorts of sauce.


7th June (Sunday)

20.00 AFTERPARTY. Entrance free.

After the election and the sex show you are invited to let off steam like real men do! Any kind of fetish gear is welcome, but not obligatory.



A live sex show by Italian pornstars: Gaston Croupier (Rome) and Nicola Antonio (Milan) will add splendour to this unique night.

I am 28y.o. italian porn actor, live performer, gogo boy and blogger Gaston Croupier living in Rome. After my first porn experience with Lucas Kazan Production, I landed in Spain to work for cristiantorrent.tvtimtales.com and fuckermate.com; then, in Germany for allrealbareback.com, and finally in UK for Butch Dixon and UKNakedMen. As a live sex performer, I started in Rome a year ago and then throughout Italy (Catania, Florence, Bologna, Padua, Venice) mainly at cruising clubs and once at a disco party. As a gogo boy, just in Rome and in Abruzzo italian region. In addition, I have a blog you can link to on gastoncroupier.blogspot.it, where I note all my experiences in porn industry and live performances, correlated of pics and videos/links to videos. The show I'm gonna to experience in Poznań will be my first sex live performance abroad, and I am excite to show you the best I can do.

Nicola Antonio was born in Milan (Italy). His father and mother come from the south of Italy. Now he spends most of his time travelling around Europe as a full-time live sex and fetish performer. He has been seen performing live at several parties and venues in countries like: Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland and Spain. Previously he worked for Blackcrossbow Studio, Cristiantorrent.tv, Crunchboy.com, Frenchdudes.com, Sneakboy.com, Xtremdark.comDankoo Film for Canal Plus Spain and 4Mpictures. Privately he likes horror and sci-fi movies, riding a bicycle and going out with friends to eat pizza. Nicola likes to work out daily in order to keep his body in shape. Being 175 cm tall he weights 73 kg, has an juicy uncut cock and he can self suck!